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Take a missions trip & Help reach the navajo indians


Minister to them with your church in a missions trip to Waterflow, New Mexico

Less Churches Are Taking Missions Trips

Due to the rising costs of travel overseas, more churches are opting not to take these trips. They no longer are taking the chance to help reach souls for Christ and experience revival when ministering to others through missions.

What if you could take a trip that was closer to home?

Help Missionary Don Chitty on a missions trip & minister to the navajo Indians

With his established mission work to the nearby Navajo Nation Reservation in Waterflow, New Mexico, Dr. Don Chitty has been reaching the Navajo people through his vibrant ministry for over 50 years. This reservation is the largest Indian reservation in the United States, spanning three states and covering 16 million acres.

With over 50 acres, The Amanda Ranch provides a place to stay, fellowship, and rest when on a mission trip to New Mexico. While lives are being helped to rest in the ranch house, there is ample room on the property for churches and ministries to stay, giving everyone the privacy and rest needed when on a mission trip.

Church Missions Trips

For churches seeking to embark on a meaningful mission trip, The Amanda Ranch in Waterflow, NM, offers a place to serve alongside missionary Don Chitty and reach out to the Navajo Indians.

The Ranch provides a unique opportunity for church members to immerse themselves in the rich Navajo culture, while sharing the Gospel through various outreach initiatives. Whether it’s engaging in community projects, organized soul-winning, or organizing youth programs, this mission trip to

The Amanda Ranch allows church members to strengthen their faith and foster lasting relationships with the Navajo community. 

Youth Group Missions Trips

Missions trips to The Amanda Ranch in Waterflow, NM, present an incredible opportunity for youth groups to see firsthand what missions are all about.

Led by missionary Don Chitty, these trips offer young people a chance to step out of their comfort zones and engage with the Navajo Indians in a profound and meaningful way.

The Amanda Ranch provides an environment for youth to participate in hands-on projects, such as construction, educational programs, and Gospel outreach initiatives.

College Missions Trips

Taking mission trips to The Amanda Ranch in Waterflow, NM, is a wonderful opportunity for college students to actively participate in missionary work and contribute to the outreach efforts of Don Chitty in reaching the Navajo Indians.

 Through this experience, students can engage in various activities such as

  • Reaching the Navajo people with the Gospel
  • Organizing educational programs
  • Participating in construction projects
  • Fostering meaningful relationships with the Navajo Indians.


These mission trips offer a transformative experience, enabling students to develop a deeper understanding of what it will be like as a missionary, compassion, and the importance of getting the Gospel to all the world.

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