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A Haven of Rest, Renewal, & Revival

A Haven of Rest, Renewal, & Revival

Time doesn’t stand still for those grieving. The Amanda Ranch gives a place to stop and rest to individuals and families going through a loss or trial.

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where we began

It Started With A Girl Named Amanda...

The Amanda Ranch was named for a little girl whose short few months of life launched an impact that ripples still today. When God chose to take Amanda to Heaven in 2001, her father Pastor Greg Neal knew that this journey of heartache was chosen for him by God to help others going through the same thing.

The Problem

Time Doesn't stop for those going through a trial or loss.

Loss often leaves individuals trapped between two extremes. They either dive back into their old routines, exhausting themselves, or give up entirely, sinking into isolation and depression. 


The emotional distress is overwhelming

Dealing with a trial or the loss of a loved one can result in intense emotional distress. People may experience a wide range of emotions, including grief, sadness, anger, guilt, and even anxiety or depression. Managing these emotions and finding healthy ways to cope with them can be challenging.


They don't know how to connect with others

People will often withdraw from social activities, isolate themselves from others, or find it hard to connect with people who have not experienced a similar situation. This isolation can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and make it more challenging to seek support.


The financial strain often leads to more stress

Trials and the loss of a loved one can often lead to financial difficulties. Legal fees, medical expenses, funeral costs, or changes in financial circumstances due to losing a breadwinner can create an added stress. Managing finances, adjusting to new financial realities, or seeking assistance can be major concerns for individuals in these situations.


Life Moves On, But What They're Feeling Doesn't

While life moves on around those dealing with a loss or trial, what they’re feeling doesn’t. They are often left to process what they’re going through while having to keep up with everyday life and continue on like nothing happened. 

But there's another way.

In Matthew 14, Jesus took time apart after losing his friend. This break allowed him to reset emotionally, physically, and spiritually, offering a path to healing for the brokenhearted.

What We Do

How The Amanda Ranch is Making A Difference

Giving Individuals and Families a time of rest

Whether going through a trial or dealing with loss, time doesn't stop. We provide a space for people to get away, process, and start healing.

Providing A Place to Renew Through Retreats

The Amanda Ranch hosts churches & businesses looking to build and encourage their members through marriage, leadership, and other retreats.

Hosting Mission Trips To The Navajo Nation

Connecting churches to help missionary Don Chitty in ministering to the Navajo Indians.

Learn More About Becoming a Corporate Partner

With The Amanda Ranch’s 501(c)(3) status, all donations are a tax deductible donation. You can submit your donation history as a deduction for a charitable donation.

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