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Honor the Memory of a loved one

Partner with the Amanda Ranch to give rest & hope to those suffering a loss or trial

Partner with the Amanda Ranch to give rest & hope to those suffering a loss or trial

Sponsor a day in memory of a loved one to give hope to those going through a loss or trial

By becoming a Day Sponsor, your generous gift goes towards covering the expenses for one day. This allows us to host individuals and families going through a trial at no charge to them. They can take time away from “life” as they start the grieving process.

Whether you wish to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, or commemorate the day you lost a loved one, the Day Sponsors of the Amanda Ranch choose a specific date that they wish to sponsor the ministry. The website will feature a calendar highlighting that “This day at the Amanda Rach is being sponsored in memory of ” letting each person at the ranch see who made their trip possible.

The Day Sponsors can renew their selected date annually or simply make this one-time donation for one day of that year.

Each day sponsor will be listed on the ranch calendar and every time someone visits the ranch, they’ll be able to see who made their week at the ranch possible through their generous donation.

As a thank you:

Each day sponsor will receive a certificate for their sponsored day, and an Amanda Ranch coffee mug as a token of our appreciation for your commitment.

2024 Day Sponsors

2024 July

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Sun 30
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Other Ways to partner With the ranch

The generous donations of our supporters allow people to visit the ranch for a time of rest after a loss or trial to begin the healing process. Time can stand still for a moment for these individuals allowing them to process what happened and begin to move forward.

With The Amanda Ranch being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

Become a Trailblazer

Become a monthly supporter

How Your donations will help the lives of those going through loss or a trial

In Matthew 14, Jesus took time apart after losing his friend John the Baptist. This break allowed him to reset emotionally, physically, and spiritually, offering a path to healing for the brokenhearted.

  • Provide A Place To Rest

    People coming to The Amanda Ranch have the place for a week to get away and begin the healing process away from the busyness of life.

  • Provide Counseling & Resources

    As needed, we have counselors that can help with questions & give sound Biblical advice that can help them with the grieving process.

  • Provide This At No Cost

    Through the generous donations of our supporters, individuals and families are able to come to the ranch without having to worry about the burden of the cost.

Your Contribution Gives Those Hurting a Time of Rest

Would you consider partnering with The Amanda Ranch and helping give hope to those grieving and going through trials?

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