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Our beginning

it started with a girl named amanda

& A Father's promise to his daughter

& A Father's promise to his daughter

Years ago, after Amanda had went to be with the Lord, someone paid to send his family away to reconnect after the loss of their child.

The Amanda Ranch was named for a little girl whose short few months of life launched an impact that ripples still today. When God chose to take Amanda to Heaven in 2001, her father Pastor Greg Neal knew that this journey of heartache was chosen for him by God to bring honor and glory to the name of Christ.

He’s been forever be grateful to that person because in a dark period of their lives, they were able to get away, be together as a family, and begin the healing process.


Pastor Neal’s desire to help others through their own struggles has been realized through the years in copious ways as he has pastored the people of Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The wisdom gleaned in the dark days of his own grief has given him an astute compassion and awareness of the needs of the hurting.

In 2021, Don Chitty, missionary to the Navajo people, saw the need for a retreat through Pastor Neal’s vision to help the hurting. His 50-acre working ranch was the perfect fit for the place that would become the Amanda Ranch, a ministry aimed at helping pastors, staff members, and laypeople to find healing and hope through the retreats and workshops.

The Amanda Ranch provides others going through grief and trials the same chance to get away, process, and begin the healing process.

Space to Heal

The Ranch provides a place to begin the process of moving forward.

Biblical Counseling

While at the Ranch, get counsel on how to begin healing.

Ministry Co-Laborers

Access to counselors and Pastors experienced in grief counseling.


Get a library of articles, videos, and forums with help direction.

About the ranch

A Place of Rest

The 5000-square-foot ranch house is located on approximately 50 acres.

From the spacious kitchen to the many gathering spaces, the ranch house is the perfect place to get away and process the loss of a loved one or handle a trial in life.

The spacious courtyard is equipped with sitting areas, a fire pit, and a full-sized swimming pool. Guests can relax while sitting on the banks of the San Juan River or fish in one of the stocked ponds.

It is conveniently located in the Four Corners Area, making it a short drive to visit some of the country’s most amazing sites.

How the amanda ranch help the lives of those going through loss or a trial

In Matthew 14, Jesus took time apart after losing his friend John the Baptist. This break allowed him to reset emotionally, physically, and spiritually, offering a path to healing for the brokenhearted.

  • Provide A Place To Rest

    People coming to The Amanda Ranch have the place for a week to get away and begin the healing process away from the busyness of life.

  • Provide Counseling & Resources

    As needed, we have counselors that can help with questions & give sound Biblical advice that can help them with the grieving process.

  • Provide This At No Cost

    Through the generous donations of our supporters, individuals and families are able to come to the ranch without having to worry about the burden of the cost.

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